Improve developer velocity

Developers often spend hours per week waiting for automated tests to pass. LayerCI converts time spent waiting into time spent iterating.

Secure your codebase

Protect your company's intellectual property with LayerCI: Host our runners behind your firewall to avoid exposing your source code to the internet.

Reduce DevOps costs

We skip tests that don't catch bugs. By switching to LayerCI and self-hosting our runners, your organization can save up to 95% of its expenditures on test servers.

Define tests with our powerful Layerfile directives

We think Dockerfiles are a much better interface than YAML blobs, so we extended them with test-specific directives. If you put Layerfiles anywhere in your repository and we'll run them on every commit and merge request automatically.


Skip everything that isn't needed

As we run your Layerfiles, we monitor what files they've read in your repository, and skip to the first layer that needs to run. By monitoring which files are read by any process in the runner, you can avoid having to rebuild or redeploy infrastructure on every commit.

Deploy us anywhere

We support most hosting solutions and cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Bare Metal. If you don't need to host the runners yourself, we also provide a managed offering where we do all of the work for you.

supported LayerCI providers

Want your team's tests to take 30 seconds to pass?

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