A website for every commit

LayerCI gives a unique per-commit link to share proposed changes. Your team's developers can share their work with designers and product managers more easily than ever with Layer.

CI/CD in staging servers

Don't waste time migrating to a specific CI/CD framework or docker container. We're not opinionated. With Layer, you can run the same testing or deployment scripts you've always used.

Run in bare metal

We don't require you to run your back end with any specific database, architecture, or language. You can use the same deployment script you've always used without containerizing anything.

Staging configurations can be intuitive.

Layer uses an extension of Docker's configuration format. Developers can write and maintain CI pipelines much faster by leveraging their familiarity with Docker, including the cache semantics!

Run everything on our cloud platform automatically

Don't micromanage CI servers, staging environments, or fiddle with complex configurations. Once you've authorized LayerCI to talk to your repository, we'll watch all of your changes and create a new server faster than you thought possible.

Evaluate website changes faster than ever

Our industry-leading Continuous Staging feature allows anyone on your team to review changes to your website without needing a staging server. We support most back-ends, including those written in Ruby, Java, Node.js, Python, and Go.

CI/CD for websites should be boring.

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