Start your whole stack in seconds

We take full-memory snapshots of the CI runner every 10 seconds. That means after you docker-compose up -d, we'll take a snapshot with everything running and restore that snapshot for following CI pipelines.

Automatic demo environments

We give you a full-stack demo environment for every commit without any extra work. All you do is navigate to the per-commit link and we'll restore the environment that was created by running the CI pipeline for that commit.

Speed without needing Docker

We use a docker-like cache for an entire VM. You can run your full stack in Layer, even if it doesn't run in Docker. All you have to do is make one or more Layerfiles, which look like Dockerfiles and each will set up a CI pipeline.

If your stack runs on Linux, we support it.

Ruby on Rails
.NET Core

Get speed without unnecessary complexity

LayerCI's configuration is an extension of Dockerfiles. Developers can write entire CI pipelines in the familiar Dockerfile syntax, except they get the power of a fully-featured testing VM.

A web-based terminal for every CI pipeline

Once you've authorized LayerCI to talk to your repository, we'll run your CI script for every change. After they're done, we'll keep them around for a week and let you debug directly in the test runner with a web terminal.

Evaluate website changes faster than ever

Our industry-leading Continuous Staging feature allows anyone on your team to review changes to your website without needing a staging server. We support most back-ends, including those written in Ruby, Java, Node.js, Python, and Go.

CI/CD should be boring.

Want your team to develop faster?

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