We're a remote team, headquartered in Toronto.

Layer's founders Layer's founders: Lyn Chen (left) & Colin Chartier (right) in downtown Toronto, 2020

Layer was founded in 2019 with a simple premise: Build a DevOps platform that's as simple to use as Docker. Lyn and Colin had both seen first-hand how technology was eating the world, and knew that the future of DevOps was Docker, CI/CD, and full-stack preview environments.

In 2020, Layer raised a pre-seed round from Y Combinator, and followed that up with over a million dollars in investment from Silicon Valley firms such as Y Combinator, Funders Club, and Soma Capital.

Since launching, Layer has grown rapidly and now serves disruptive startups worldwide.

From bxblue in Brasília, Brazil, to BioBox Analytics in Toronto, Canada.

Our team also spans from the Philippines to Canada.