We help you test Dockerized apps

LayerCI is configured by putting files named Layerfile in your repository. These directives are tailor made for CI, and make it easy to test docker apps.

This Layerfile:

  1. Installs & starts docker
  2. Starts a database container
  3. Builds & starts our app container
  4. Run a test script that runs acceptance tests against our app

When you change your app, we skip installing docker and starting the database, and jump right to the first step that has changed.

Test & release interactive CLI apps

One of LayerCI's users is the Sanic build tool.

This layerfile installs go and then builds, tests, and releases a golang-based CLI app.

Because LayerCI uses a fully-featured terminal, we can see rich color output from the CLI app being tested in real time.

It's easy to get started

All you have to do is authenticate LayerCI with GitHub and add a file anywhere in your repository called 'Layerfile'

We will run any Layerfiles we find, and show the result of the run on any open merge requests via GitHub