Github + LayerCI tutorial

First: Authenticate with GitHub

Before using LayerCI with GitHub, you need to give us access to your repositories.

We use this access to download your files and notify you of your tests.

1. Create a Layerfile

Create a new GitHub repository to play around in, and then create a file named Layerfile with the following contents:

GitHub tells LayerCI that you've created this new file, so we run your Layerfile as soon as you create it.

2. Visit LayerCI

GitHub has notified LayerCI about your Layerfile, and we're already running it. To get to the LayerCI interface, click the "1 commit" button, then click the green checkmark as shown.

3. View your run

The job dashboard allows you to view how we're running your Layerfile. The tabs on the left let you view the logs, and the runner statistics.

In this case, we've likely already seen that this Layerfile passes, so we'll skip it instead of re-running it.

Next steps

We provide an online editor and comprehensive documentation for you to build your Layerfiles.

All you need to do is create a Layerfile for each task that you'd have to run manually, and we'll do it for you.

We're also happy to hear about your specific needs and brainstorm a CI approach that works for you.